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"My set arrived a few days ago. I love it already. They're everything they were described as. The material is high quality and the designs are detailed. It looks good right out of the box. Assembly of each building only takes a second. You can easily dissemble it and fold it back down for easy storage."

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"the amount of terrain you actually get is insane, I have the sci-fi one and it populates a 6ft x 4ft table very densely, realistically you could cover 3 tables and still have plenty of cover / scenery"

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"I already received the fantasy terrain set that I bought from your store and set it up this morning - everything is perfect! Super fast and easy to set up and tear down, everything looks great and seems solid and durable, I couldn't be more pleased! These kits are genius, really well designed. 

Anyway, highly recommended if anybody is on the fence! Really looking forward to the Cyberpunk and Sci Fi kits now more than ever. :)"

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"Just wanna say, I recieved it yesterday and it's so gorgeous! The texture, the print, the packaging? It's all so awesome! I can't wait to use it for a DnD-campaign. Thank you so much for your hard work!"

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"I've been playing Infinity on the sci-fi terrain weekly for months now. Nothing comes close to table density for transport size."

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the system


Low setup time.


Packs fold.


Packs fold.

these sets will see expansions

plastic laminated terrain



Size UP TO: 120 cm х 180 cm (42 cm x 32 cm packed)


Water resistant plasticated cardboard

Double-side printed terrain tiles

45 degrees terrain layout available

28/35 mm scale