Acid House Terrain Fantasy Edition - 25% vol.

This kit was funded last June on Kickstarter, BUT:

If you're not into Kickstarter or pledge managers, this is your place.

Forget about updates, add-ons, new passwords and usernames.  Just pre-order here a box and receive it March 2023.

In this kit you'll find a high number of structures, making it suitable for both skirmish, storytelling or open field games.

- The great variety of buildings lets you play lots of different adventures.

Take awesome pictures of all your battles. 

Add verticality and interiors to your games.

- Embedded grid on buildings, optional grid on terrain tiles.

You can choose one of the following sets. You’ll be able to specify which one at checkout.

Town flavor containing:
3 houses
1 temple
1 elevated square
1 stair
4 forest units
4 terrain tiles
1 storage box


Ruins flavor contains:
2 tower ruins
2 wall ruins
1 temple
6 forest units
4 terrain tiles
1 storage box


Castle flavor contains:
2 towers
2 walls
1 bell tower
1 small temple
1 fountain
2 bridges
1 barracks
1 warehouse
1 sentry post
4 ladders
4 terrain tiles
1 storage box

You can check out more pictures on Kickstarter project's page:

Boxes will be produced and shipped together with the Kickstarter pledges.

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